Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Welcome to Candlequeen!

At the request of several freinds, I am beginning to share some of my craft ideas with you. I have loved playing with papers for as long as I can remember, and in the last few years have gone to classes to improve and develop papercraft skills , mainly at Pinnacle Crafts, near to my hometown (

But last year I went to a workshop in Kent, here in the UK, with the amazing Eileen Godwin (  Eileen gave me the confidence to think of myself as a crafter, rather than just someone who "plays around".  She also introduced me to the wonderful stamps of Ryn Tanaka in Canada ( A friend then recently gave me a hand-embossed candle for Christmas. I decided to experiment with this technique, and combine a love of colours with one of Ryn's amazing stamps, called "Sea Bubbles". Both Ryn and Eileen suggested that I start blogging the results, so this is the first of hopefully many such projects.

It won't always be about candles - but at last I feel confident enought to share with the blogging craft community!

If you would like details of how I created this, let me know!

Would love to hear from you!

Pat Kennett

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  1. Congratulations .. and love you for the link !
    E xxxx